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The focus for the 2017 edition of Terra Essentials is Building a Healthy Community. What does Building a Healthy Community mean?

The word, Healthy means strengthening the bonds between families, friends, neighborhoods and community. Community is the emotional, personal and spiritual ties that connect each of us to the other. The word, Building can also translate to designing and implementing projects and events that draw us together to laugh, to cry, to find a reason to take action. Our Community is truly a biosphere where the actions of one affect us all. Who better to show us than the dragonfly? In lore, the dragonfly represents transformation. The fluttering of her wings is much like that of a gentle breeze. That gentle push carries us. The dragonfly is also a pollinator, one who stimulates new growth. Take her wisdom this year to inspire us to take action.


Health & Healing


Coaching & Counseling

Energy Healing


Women’s Health

Health is a state of being. At any given moment, the quality of your health may be good, bad or percolating. It is continually changing! Healing is the path you take to change the quality of your health. Terra Essential advocates for alternative and holistic health & healing choices. This includes Body (your bones, organs and connective tissue); Mind (mental and emotional support) and Spirit (the inner you).


Healthy Living

Fitness & the Outdoors

Healthier Living Concepts

Home Repairs



Healthy Living is the movement on your healing path. It is the actions you take to sustain and maintain your body. This includes getting up and moving; the quality of your air, water and your home and taking time to nurture yourself.


Healthy Eating

Food Production

Food Services

Local Food Locations

Organic Foods & Produce

Support for Local Food

Healthy Eating is the fuel that powers your body on your healing path. The old adage, “You are what you eat” explains how you power your body. You eat on the run, your body runs out of fuel quickly. Think slow foods – food you have to chew. Know your farmer and what he puts into the food you buy. The key words in shopping these day are local and biodynamic. Biodynamic ensures that your food has its original essence that your body wants.



Business Support

Creative Arts





Community is all the people, animals and the planet necessary to support you on your healing journey. These are the same group that you can consciously choose to support on their journey. Terra Essentials is a social enterprise. We consciously support nonprofits, the arts and the environment.


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