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Terra Essentials

2009TECoverFive years ago, Equinaut Publishing printed the first Terra Essentials directory.  The purpose of the directory was to provide a list of holistic health practitioners who offered different solutions in the area of healthcare.

During the next years, we expanded the directory to include recycling, gardening and green alternatives.

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2013TECoverIn the 2013 edition we stepped up to the challenge of creating a “green” publication. By modifying our layout and expanding our online edition, we were able to reduce the number of pages even though we increased the number of advertisers.

This year we will be expanding 2 sections:  local foods and our non-profits.  Over the summer Terra Essentials has built a database of local food providers, producers and food support for our online version.  If you are looking for specific products, by winter’s end we should be able to connect you with local businesses and farms who have those products.

Terra Essentials supports many non-profits, our advertisers, even more.  This year our advertisers will be able to “gift” a free online listing to their favorite nonprofits.

Terra Essentials